Balzer Row Crop Application System

Introducing the NEW Row Crop Application System from Balzer Inc.  Now you can apply liquid manure nutrients into standing corn or soybeans during the most optimal time of year.  The new Row Crop Application System is set up on a 120 inch wheel base, perfect for application in 30 inch rows.It includes the most innovative features and technologies found on Balzer liquid manure equipment combined with narrow, 18.4R38 tires.Balzer’s Independent Steerable Axle System allows for superior turning on ends as well as a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Row Crop Primary Product Photo-2

The Row Crop Application System couples the quality benefits you expect from a Balzer Top-Fill Slurry Tank with a 120 inch wheel base with 18.4R38 tires, perfect for sidedressing into 30 inch rows.  It is available with the Rite-Rate system for precise, consistent application throughout the field.  Independtly walking axles make create superior turning on ends for minimum crop damage.

Key Features:

  • Configured to apply liquid manure in 30 inch rows
  • 18.4R38 tires on 120 inch wheel base
  • Available with Rite-Rate system for precise, consistent application
  • Comes standard with the Bull Pull hitch which allows the hitch pin to move for smooth towing
  • Independently walking axles with conveniently located grease banks
  • Standard with hydraulic drive; PTO drive optional
  • Standard with two wheel brakes; up to six wheel brakes available

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