Balzer Veneroni Vertical Slurry Pumps

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PTO Models

Balzer offers a variety of products for your agitation and loading systems including but not limited to V-6 pumps, V-8 pumps, Lagoon Pumps, Lagoon Props, Veneroni Pumps and much more.

Put tomorrow’s technology to work for you today. Count on one of Veneroni/Balzer’s Vertical Slurry Pumps to handle your toughest slurry jobs. No other Vertical Slurry Pump comes close to Veneroni/Balzer’s performance and features. Standard lengths 6’ – 8’ – 10’ – 12’, other sizes available on request.

Vertical nozzle adjustment is 90 degrees. High pressure hose on mixing nozzle prevents waste spraying all over and aids in sustaining pump’s tremendous pressure.

Cast iron impeller housing with venturi design helps accelerate slurry. Stainless steel shaft is supported by bearings in oil bath and standard widia mechanical seal.

Long fibers are chopped by the combined action of the rotor and blades of the shaving disk. The absence of rotating elements external to the pump body avoids unwanted problems of clogging caused by twisting of long fibers and rope often resulting in broken shaft.

Heavy duty gear box is available in 540 or 1000 RPM. Full 2 year warranty on all gear boxes.

Veneroni’s easy turn nozzle system allows you to rotate nozzle 320 degrees horizontally, even under full power.


IMG_3700Electric Motor Models

Here’s a pump ideal for hog, dairy or beef reception pits. Agitate, transfer or top fill hauling units, there’s a Veneroni/Balzer Pump for your operation. Choose from standard lengths of 4’ – 6’ – 8’ – 10’ – 12’, other sizes available upon request.

Hot dipped galvanized construction is ideal for permanent installations. Stainless steel available upon request.

C-face electric motors eliminate belts and pulleys and connects direct to drive line with flex coupler.

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