Nuhn Frac Tank


Tightest turning radius in the industry!

3-Axis Steering Universal

  • Steering center allows for 3-axis of movement
  • Tongue can rotate up or down while passing over uneven terrain
  • Tongue can swivel roughly 240° to allow for the tightest turning radius on a frac tank
  • Steering universal allows front wheels to move up or down independently to each other
  • Front axle and rear axle can be raised or lowered independently to allow the tank to be set on the ground, or raised 3′ to clear uneven terrain


  • 1/4″ tank for longer life and durability
  • Unibody construction, solid welds inside and out
  • Full light kit
  • Three tank clean-out doors
  • Nuhn tanks are sandblasted to bare metal, removing the mill scale
    • Sandblasting is far superior to a chemical wash
  • 6″ outlets on all four corners
  • 8″ flange at front
  • 8’6″ wide for transport convenience


  • 10,000 US GAL
    • 8’6″ wide, 22′ long, 8′ deep
  • 15,000 US GAL
    • 8’6″ wide, 32′ long, 8′ deep
  • 20,000 US GAL
    • 8’6″ wide, 40′ long, 8′ deep