Nuhn S-Tine

injector_blanket2The S-TINE Injector is the best injector for blending the manure in the soils and has the least chance of getting manure in the tile. The S-TINE Injector is not recommended for applications for no-tillage because this injector leaves the ground cultivated.

After years of research and different models, Nuhn Industries Ltd. has made an injector for the consumer’s needs.


  • Staggered front coulters, easier for tractor to pull
  • Staggered vibra shank injector tooth, for efficient blending and distribution of manure in the soil
  • Rubber boot which distributes manure evenly in the ground
  • Leveling harrow, levels out the ridges and covers any manure that happens to be on the top
  • Easy switch from spread plate to maniafold
  • Adjustable down pressure to follow the contours of the ground
  • The Nuhn Blanket Injector comes in a 9 tooth or 11 tooth model