Nuhn Vertical Pit Liquid Manure Pump


  • Triple port design
    • Having the liquid leave the housing in three locations allows for the liquid to get in and out of the housing at a high rate.
    • This also uses the input power very efficiently as it is not wasted by moving liquid around in the housing
    • Allows for a narrow, large diameter fan that takes less hp, increases liquid velocity and results in high volume
    • Smooth, long radius pipes direct the liquid out of the housing
  • Lofted housing with tapered fan
    • The housing back plate is formed to allow the liquid to be directed upwards with the tapered fan, rather than just outwards like traditional manure pumps.
    • This fan acts more like a boat impellor, lifting the liquid vertically while still in the housing rather than just being pushed horizontally

Drive Line

  • 1 3/4″ shaft with 3.25″OD hardened steel drive shaft sections
  • 10′ sections of connected with heavy duty 80 series universal joint
  • Completely enclosed drive assembly with G-Force seal and bearing unit on both ends
  • Large clean-out doors for easy access to bearings


  • 4″ nozzle to create 45psi of pressure with 4000GPM volume
  • End noozle rotates 360°
  • Main rotation pipe is able to rotate 300°

Additional Standard Features

  • Remote control with 300+ft range
  • Spring loaded grease flush system
  • Strong truss brace frame design
  • Large stroke lift cylinders tor educe strain on undercarriage
  • 9’6″ wide undercarriage
  • Stainless steel knife valves


  • Multi Pump
  • Three Point Hitch
  • Wheeled Undercarriage


*Figures will change depending on the consistency of liquid, and the pumping distance and height