Balzer Magnum Express Lagoon Pump


Standard Features:

  • Magnum- Express models with V-6 and Veneroni Lower Housing available in single wheel sizes 33′ & 38′ and dual wheel sizes 43′ 48′ 58′ & 68′
  • Horizontally mounted pump with choice of V-6 or Veneroni Series pump
  • 8″ x 8″ square tube frame
  • 4″ drive line with greasable U-joint knuckles approximately every 10′ and 5′ o/c depending on model
  • 7″ x 7″ square discharge pipe
  • 19.5″ balanced propeller with adjustable stationary cutter blades
  • Swept back agitation nozzle provides horizontal agitation in lagoon
  • 350 degree rotating orbit motor driven agitation nozzle and 90 degree hydraulic vertical movement
  • Hydraulic valve bank for operating hydraulic control of agitation nozzle via V-6 style rotating and loading
  • Hydraulic operated telescoping legs, these legs extend up to 8′ (ideal for situations where a round concrete storage facility with vertical sides is used.

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