Tank Spreaders

Nuhn Row Crop Injector

  The Row Crop Injector is perfect for applying manure in between rows. The design prevents soil from hitting small plants and damaging crop. Studies show that this dramatically increases yields and provides another window.      

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Nuhn S-Tine

The S-TINE Injector is the best injector for blending the manure in the soils and has the least chance of getting manure in the tile. The S-TINE Injector is not recommended for applications for no-tillage because this injector leaves the ground cultivated. After years of research and different models, Nuhn Industries Ltd. has made an […]

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Nuhn Truck Mount

Customized for your Specific Needs Nuhn Truck Mounts are available in both top-load and vacuum models in a wide range of capacities. Truck Mounts include standard Nuhn features as well as a wide range of custom options the. The Nuhn Truck Mount is built specially for you. Industrial Level Equipment The Nuhn Truck Mount is […]

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Nuhn Row Crop Spreader

In row injection gives another window in which to apply manure and at the same time gives remarkable yield increases Features: Can be ordered to suit row spacing eg. 90″ track or 120″ track for 30″ rows Available in 4000 and 4500 US gallon models 18.4 x 26″ tires Equipped with striaght tandem for more […]

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Nuhn Frac Tank

Tightest turning radius in the industry! 3-Axis Steering Universal Steering center allows for 3-axis of movement Tongue can rotate up or down while passing over uneven terrain Tongue can swivel roughly 240° to allow for the tightest turning radius on a frac tank Steering universal allows front wheels to move up or down independently to […]

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Nuhn Alley Vac

Fast, Efficient, One Swipe and You’re Done! The Nuhn Alley Vac makes clean up quick and easy. One pass down the aisle and everything is collected. And with our high flotation tires, the unit can be taken to the field to spread or transferred to a lagoon. Nuhn Patented Technology With the Nuhn pantented circulation […]

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Nuhn Vacuum Arm

Features: Standard Nuhn Vacuum features Allows rapid loading or transferring from a highway trailer without leaving the tractor seat Heavy duty industrial level unit              

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Nuhn Quad Train

Progressing Beyond Steering For years the industry was bombarded by the conecpt that steering was the way to go. Because of the breakdown of moving parts, and safety issues associated with steering, Nuhn’s concept of the simple and strong multiple axle liquid manure spreader, the Quad Train, has provailed in the market. Patented Nuhn Technology […]

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