Horizontal Pumps
DODA 2013 001

Doda Horizontal High Pressure Chopper Pump (AFI)

Features Nodular cast iron housing, not welded Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades Adjustable pressure plate and special impeller for secondary chopping Pedestal models set up for direct power source (electric, diesel, hydraulic) Heavy duty gearbox available in 540 and 1,000 rpm PTO pumps Internal check valve on suction cone allowing startup without re-priming Vertical head […]

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buckhead lh front

Balzer Buckhead Horizontal Pump

High Volume • Low Pressure Standard Features: Welded Steel Pump Housing 20.5” Welded Steel Impellor Direct Drive (NO GEAR BOX) with PTO assembly 540 or 1000 rpm Automatic “Power Priming System” includes vacuum pump Welded Steel Intake Cone with One way check valve Two wheel trailer Tee Manifold with one(1) 4″ and one(1) 6” Brass […]

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