Nuhn Spring Loaded Injector

   The Spring Loaded Injector is the best applicator in fields where No-Till is required and the soil is rocky. It has very high clearance and will pass corn stocks in most cases without plugging.

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Nuhn No-Till

The No Till Injector is ideal for applying manure in a no till setup. With the design of the tooth, the top layer of soil drifts over the flat surface and manure is placed below this loose soil. This preticular model is not recommended for stoney areas.

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Nuhn Row Crop Injector

  The Row Crop Injector is perfect for applying manure in between rows. The design prevents soil from hitting small plants and damaging crop. Studies show that this dramatically increases yields and provides another window.      

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Nuhn S-Tine

The S-TINE Injector is the best injector for blending the manure in the soils and has the least chance of getting manure in the tile. The S-TINE Injector is not recommended for applications for no-tillage because this injector leaves the ground cultivated. After years of research and different models, Nuhn Industries Ltd. has made an […]

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