Vacuum Tanks

Nuhn Vaccum Tank Spreader

Nuhn Vaccum Air System Nuhn air system combines muffler, air cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse and exhaust under tank, away from operator Balanced air traps for fast pumping The number or size of the pump does not matter if the air system is not balanced or if there are any restrictions in air flow […]

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Nuhn Magnum 400 Vacuum Pump

The 400-cfm pump has a maximum vacuum of 28 inches Hg, 3-inch outlet, automatic oil injection pump and operating speed of 750 to 1,150 rpm. The pump has five carbon fiber vanes, measures 23 inches tall, 29.5 inches long and 17 inches wide.

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Nuhn Magnum 600 Vacuum Pump

  The work horse of the industry! The Magnum 600 is the latest, revolutionary rotary vane vacuum pump from Nuhn Industries Ltd. The Magnum Series is a line of pumps that incorporates incredible performance with dependability, to produce unprecedented air evacuation. The Magnum Series allows for maximum air displacement with minimal restriction, which results in […]

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